5 Nutritional Secrets

I love finding little things that I can add into my diet to help me hit my macros each day. So I want to share 5 of my nutritional secrets. These are items you might not have thought about adding to your diet that have been game changers for me.



Chia Seeds - I use these little guys everyday in my protein shakes they have a great amount of fiber and healthy fat 8 grams each to be exact. They also make a healthy little treat when made into chia pudding! So Good!!


Hemp Seeds - These seeds are nutty and delicious but did you know they provide 10 grams of protein per serving!?! Amazing right? I put them on salads, guacamole or top my quinoa bowls with them.


Nutritional Yeast - This wonderful cheese substitute really does have a cheese flavor. I do have to say I have fallen in love with a local company Barefood’n Happy’s Cheezy POWder that is a mixture of nutritional yeast, turmeric, almonds, onion powder and garlic and guess what you can order it online now! I use this stuff all the time it is like my cheesy flavored crack!


Coconut Oil - This oil is a great healthy fat to add to your diet. It holds up to high heats well so it makes it a perfect oil to cook with or bake with but have you ever tried it on a piece of toast, pancake or muffin?? If you haven’t you are missing out! I don’t think I will ever want butter again.


Coconut Aminos - If you like soy sauce but not the amount of sodium then I highly suggest you try this. We use these aminos in stir fry all the time it is our go-to way to get rid of leftovers!


Trying adding these into your kitchen arsenal!