Welcome, friend!

I am a wife and a mother of two. I dabbled in fitness and sports throughout my academic career, but never focused on it.  I started lifting in high school and I enjoyed it.  Lack of proper guidance and too much of a focus on my social life left me starting and stopping, fizzling out hundreds of times.

My weight, health, and well-being also fluctuated in parallel with my dedication. 

Then in 2012, my husband and I experienced a miscarriage.  I felt as if my body had failed me and it was a difficult time. As part of my healing process, I started training for a fitness competition with the help of a personal trainer. This allowed me to focus on a goal and myself, giving me faith back in my body. I felt strong and found myself capable of doing things that I never thought I could do. I learned to love my body again. Through this process I became passionate about fitness and nutrition. Shortly after my first and only competition, my husband and I became pregnant with our son. Although it was an amazing blessing; it tested my resolve and commitment to my health.  I did my best, and then we brought our daughter into the world.

A healthy lifestyle became increasingly difficult until I started getting my MIND in the right place. That is why I love this program. 

We focus on our mind first then add in education on nutrition and fitness. The program is flexible and can bend to any schedule.  It doesn't matter if you have a gym membership or workout at home, or if you are traveling.  You can keep up with the program and the results are amazing mentally and physically.  

I want to help other women with their Mind, Body and Fitness so they can be the best mother, boss, co-worker, wife, or grandmother by starting to love their bodies again. I want them to know how strong they really are. We need to set an example for our friends, families, and communities that living a healthy lifestyle is a blessing.


I’ve been married to for 11 years. Nick has been my rock pushing me to follow my passion. We have two kids: our son, Finley 3, and daughter, Lenora 1. They keep us on our toes as I juggle being a stay-at-home mom and entrepreneur. No matter how crazy our lives get, God and family will always come first.

Nick and I have always followed the motto "Work Hard, Play Harder!" We love traveling, time with our friends and family, but mostly our date nights once a week.