Learn how to elevate your health and feel amazing—without drastic changes, living off of boring salads, or working out for hours every day.

“This program has been just what I needed to eat better and start focusing more on my health and fitness. The meal plan is do-able and effective! Almost immediately I noticed a change in how I felt; less bloat, more energy, and the benefits just kept coming. Clearer skin, improved focus, clothes fitting better. The workouts are quick and efficient and easy to work into my busy schedule as a mom of two little ones and working full-time. I lost 5 pounds in the first 3 weeks and feel so much better! My mood is lighter and I feel really proud of my results and the consistency I’ve achieved with the support of Lacey and the group! I’ll be back for the next round!”

You give your time and energy to everyone around you.

You are busy helping family, friends, colleagues, and community,

and at times it can feel draining.  

You’ve heard that you should take care of yourself too,

but you feel you don’t have anything left to give.

Plus you feel like you’re just too busy to do something for yourself every day!

That’s where I come in, friend!

Learn how to…


Get Healthy


Stay On Track


Feel Your Best

...without making it a part-time job!

How Is Working With Me Different?

I specialize in helping busy women understand the importance of proper self-care, get healthy, and then stay healthy!  I teach women how to change their nutrition and fitness in a way that elevates body, mind and mood. If you want to be a better wife, mom, sister, friend, coworker, or anything else, you have to take care of YOU first. You’re likely already depleted of resources, and need to find something to give you strength again.

I know you’re ready to feel like YOU again, which is why I’m so passionate about working with women just like you. You wear multiple hats everyday and I want you to feel your best, and excel with each of them. I want you to experience your true A-Game!  Your family deserves it. Your community deserves it. YOU deserve it!

Attempting this journey by yourself can seem overwhelming, and at times impossible. However, through my cutting-edge programs, I offer an uplifting community, coaching, and results which come from scientific strategies. If you want a solution that tells you why it works, as well as what to do to keep experiencing results - if you want daily accountability, support, and guidance - then working with me is your answer!

Optimize Your Health:


Join 4 Week Plexus Jump-Start

if you’re starting out and want quick results to inspire you to keep investing in your own health.  


join faster way to fat loss®

if you’re ready to implement a sustainable healthy lifestyle that will give you incredible and lasting results.

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My passion is giving women the gift of simple self-care strategies, to begin experiencing fulfillment and joy as they juggle all their multiple roles and responsibilities. Join me and learn the simple techniques that will elevate your health, your purpose, and your life!